YuSU Rector summed up the results of the university's development for the year
Today is the 21st anniversary of Yugra State University.
During this time the university has come a long way - from the first students enrollment to a large scientific and educational center with a wide network of branches, carbon polygons and international projects.
A little over a year ago Roman Kuchin became the Rector of the youngest university of Russia. We had a talk with Roman Viktorovich. We asked him about achievements of YuSU and his wishes to students and faculty on this day.

- What achievements of YuSU in the past year would you like to highlight? What projects have you managed to implement at YuSU?

- One of the most important achievements of the past year was the opening of the Military Training Center. Today we have 108 cadets, who, in parallel with the educational process, receive a military registration specialty. After graduation, they receive a military ID with their diploma. This is a unique opportunity for students, because it is the first center opened in the region.
Recently YuSU became one of the winners of grant competitions for creation of "Entrepreneurial boiling point" and implementation of Acceleration program, that allows students of any course with the support of highly qualified experts and coaches to learn about the world of entrepreneurship, to immerse themselves in the scientific and technological agenda, to generate innovative ideas and to create startup projects with a team of like-minded people.
Yugra State University will involve our partners in realization of the program - High Technology Technopark, Sberbank PJSC, Otkritie Bank, Yugra Industrial Parks, Yugra Research Institute of Information Technologies, Gazpromneft-Khantos, Yugra Entrepreneurship Development Fund "My Business", Department of information technology and others.
Another significant event for the university was the opening of the Competency Assessment Center of the Presidential Platform "Russia - Land of Opportunities. The Center allows not only to objectively assess how we train our students, but also to help employers to implement such assessments at their enterprises.
An important milestone was the victory in the grant competition within the framework of the Federal project "Professionalization". This is a new approach in the implementation of vocational education programs with a shorter training period and maximum involvement into the atmosphere of production. Students will be trained with the active participation of our industrial partners - UTEK-Regional Networks JSC, Gazprom Neft PJSC, Rosseti PJSC.
This year the "Student Squad" project was implemented in cooperation with the Administration of Khanty-Mansiysk. During two summer months students were engaged in a social project - the preparation of a new built school for its first academic year.
Many years of fruitful work of the Research Center "Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change" under the leadership of Elena Lapshina allowed us to open a modern laboratory to study biodiversity with use of new molecular methods, as well as to enter the program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on carbon polygons. We became participants of the Federal Scientific and Technical Program on Climate Issues until 2030.

- What's new in the educational process at YuSU?

- For several years we have been actively working on individualizing the educational programs of our students. The Institute of Academic Design has been formed to do this. For the last two years, students have been immersed in the formation of universal competencies. At the beginning, we check what gaps the student has and what competencies are most developed, and offer an individual educational trajectory combined with elective disciplines.
Great attention is paid to students' project activities. Together with tutors students form teams and enter enterprises, helping them to solve actual production tasks. The stakeholders of the projects are Technopark of High Technologies, Yugra State Library, State Art Museum, Yuresk JSC, UTEK-Regional Networks JSC, Severrechflot JSC, YugraMegaTour LLC, Municipal Enterprise Vodokanal and others.YuSU cooperates with Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration in the framework of "Priority 2030" project as well. It allows our students to get additional competences for free.

- What do you think about the past enrollment campaign?

- YuSU is a scientific center that is aimed to attract talented young people from all over the country and abroad to the region. This year 30.5% of students came from other regions, around 4% are international students, including students from CIS and African countries. This means that the quality of educational programs meets the expectations of the applicants. This year the enrollment campaign for "Software Engineering" was at a very high level. Today it is as popular as "Law", "Linguistics", and "Economics". It is gratifying that the technical fields are in demand. We also managed to keep the average score of the Unified State Exam.

- Did you have a chance to talk to the first year students? What was your impression of them?

- Yes, I had. Very nice and friendly guys. From the very first days of study they are involved in all university activities, research and volunteer work. Traditionally we have a meeting with first-year students in May. I think we should have such meetings at the beginning of the academic year, so we have time to solve the problems arise. I plan to organize this meeting soon. The first-year students will share their impressions and tell me about their adaptation. By the way, the adaptation week, which was developed by the YuSU Tutor's office, helped them with this. New students get acquainted with the university - its creative studios, sports sections and volunteer association, as well as organizations of Khanty-Mansiysk. Students also visited Yugra State University stationary in Shapsha, where the Yugra mushroom museum was opened in September with the help of a presidential grant.

- Roman Viktorovich, what would you like to wish the university, the faculty and students on this day?

- The main thesis I try to use in my life is to replace the words «I wish» with «I do». May all our dreams come true and our goals be achieved. May our faculty and researchers continue to work effectively, and students show great results, and the university remains in the forefront. Everything depends on the faculty, on the students, on all of us!

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