YuSU took part in the selection of foreign candidates to study in Russia

The selection meetings with foreign candidates for receiving a quota for education in Russia were held jointly with the Russian House in Lusaka, Zambia from February 27 till March 1.

The format of the selection was in the form of interviews, where candidates were asked to tell about themselves, their family and interests, their achievements and motivation for studying in Russia. Several candidates demonstrated a good knowledge of the Russian language, history and culture, some mentioned famous Russian scientists (M.I. Lomonosov, N.I. Pirogov, I.P. Pavlov), linking their works with an interest in studying in one field or another.

In total 55 candidates participated, they were interested in studying General Medicine, Economics, Agronomy, Civil Engineering, etc. Several of them indicated Yugra State University as their top priority.

The doors of Yugra State University are always open for new applicants, we wish everybody good luck!


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