IT Scientific and Study Centre

General information

A lot of our region's needs determine the necessity of preparation of highly qualified specialists in IT: system service in oil and gas production and transporting; implementation of innovative technoligies in housing and utility sector; implementation of the system of electronic public and state services (creation and support of the region's information services) and many more.

Altogether, the yearly region's demand in IT specialists is 290 people, taking into consideration the existing (employed) specialists, age-related rotation and the plans of the industrial branches' development. The institute can train as many as 75 specialists yearly, while at present it prepares over 50 specialists every year. The preparation is conducted in the framework of contracts with the industry branches' units and the regional government. Thus, our graduates have a 100% employment in Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous okrug (region).

Qualifications provided by the Institute

  • Automated systems of information processing and control
  • Applied mathematics and IT
  • IT and computer engineering


Dmitry Tey

Position: Director
Academic status: PhD in Engineering.
Tel.: +7 3467 357 854

You are also welcome to contact our International Cooperation Office if you have any questions.