Department for Educational Work

Since the 1st September 2016 the Department of Educational Work of the university works in the “Student’s town”.

Key functions:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us: Khanty-Mansiysk, Chekhova st., 16, Sport Complex, 4 floor, room 413.

E-mail: OVR_7@mail.ru

Family Club «Scarlet Sails»

Club’s name: «Scarlet Sails»

Club’s purpose is to promote the institution of family, popularize the values of fidelity, attention to children and respect for parents.

Club’s tasks:

Student Cinema Club «25th Frame»

Club’s name: “25th Frame”

Club’s purpose: general and professional development of students.

Club’s tasks:

Club’s name: «Orange Camel»

Club’s purpose: Formation of communication skills in business and family relations, critical thinking skills, including resistance to manipulation. Such skills enhance social competence of students to increase success of their personal self-realization.

Forms of classes:

Form of communication - free. Participants develop the rules of interaction within club. After every meeting a brief discussion of its results takes place.

Club’s name: «Strophe»

Club’s purposes:

Club’s tasks: