Self-funded students
Self-funded students


STEP 1: Send your documents to the university (by email)

Admission deadlines: from June,20 till July,15

STEP 2: Pass the entrance tests using remote technologies (dates: 16.07-18.07)

STEP 3: Fill in the necessary applications and sign the learning agreement

Upon successful completion of the entrance test, inform your Admission manager about your intention to study at the university. After that, you will receive the necessary application forms and a contract for training from your Admission manager by e-mail. Documents must be printed out, signed, scanned and sent in PDF format in a response letter to your Admission manager.

STEP 4: Pay for the study at electronic payment system of YuSU

You will receive payment instructions from your Admission manager by email.

After making the payment, you need to send a confirmation of payment (check or receipt) by e-mail in a reply letter to your Admission manager.

STEP 5: Receive an extract from the university entry order

You will receive an extract from the entry order from your Admission manager by email after confirmation of payment.



STEP 1: Get to know about the study and visa process

You will receive all the necessary information about the beginning of training and visa issues from the curator for international students.

STEP 2: Legalize and translate your educational documents

Legalization is a procedure designed to give legal force to a document issued in the territory of one state in the territory of another one. Depending on the country of educational documents issuance, there are 2 types of legalization: consular legalization and apostille.

For a number of countries which the Russian Federation has appropriate agreements on legal support with, no legalization is required. You can check here whether you need legalization of your documents or not.

! Note Legalization of educational documents can be only done in the country of their issuance. Please make sure that your educational documents (education certificate / diploma and transcript) have been properly legalized PRIOR to your arrival to YuSU.

Properly certified translations must be filed with copies of the translated documents.

Please make sure that spelling of the name and surname is the same in all documents and their translations.