For international students
For international students

The rules of entry and stay in the Russian Federation

If now you are in the country of citizenship but planning to arrive to Yugra State University, please, read the information on entrance to Russia attentively.

For students

According to the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 16.03.2021 No.639-р arrival of students to places of education is carried out according to the list for entrance, provided by the educational institution to the departmental segment of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia in the State system for Migration and Registration accounting.

For questions on forming of lists of foreign citizens for entrance into the Russian Federation for a full-time study, please, contact:

+7 (3467)377-000 (ext. number 433)


VK Group

For other categories of foreign citizens

We recommend consulting the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 16.03.2020 No. 635-р “On temporary restriction of entrance into the Russian Federation for foreign citizens and people without citizenship and temporary suspension of visa and invitation issuance”.

In case of need to get an official invitation for entrance into the Russian Federation, please, contact the International Office: ugrasu.international@gmail.com

The procedure and conditions of entrance into the Russian Federation for education (forming of lists for entrance)

  1. Before the arrival to Russia international students must inform via e-mail the International Office on the date of arrival NOT LATER than 10 days before the arrival to be included in the list for entrance.

  2. When applying on inclusion in entrance list student must attach a copy of identification document that will be used to enter Russia and specify a mean of transport. After sending an email, the information on the right to entry will be sent 5 days before the date of arrival.

    ATTENTION! Do not buy tickets and do not go to the border without confirmation of the university.

  3. Student must take a PCR COVID-19 test NOT EARLIER than 48 hours before arrival to Russia. If the test result is negative, the student must take a relating document in Russian or English. The document is obligatory to enter Russia and move in the dormitory.

The procedure of moving in the dormitories

The international students are allowed to move in the university’s dormitories if a certificate of negative COVID-19 PCR test result is provided, in particular the negative result of rapid response test confirming the absence of COVID-19. The sample for the test must be collected not earlier than 2 days before moving in;

NOTICE: according to the Decree of the Chief Medical Officer of Russian Federation No. 33 from 4 December 2021 the validity period of COVID-19 PCR test results a reduced from 72 hours to 48 hours.

In case the student has no certificate or an expired one, test must be taken in three days in Russia. The test is taken at the expense of student.

Without the valid certificate students are not allowed to move in.

Where to take test in Khanty-Mansiysk?



Phone number


Gemotest (Гемотест)
medical laboratory

Komsomolskaya st., 63



medical company

Gagarina st., 65



District clinical hospital (Окружная клиническая больница)

Kalinina st., 40

8(3467) 304-145


Center of Occupational Diseases (Центр профессиональной патологии)

Roznina st., 73

8(3467) 360-011


Before getting the result, student must keep self-isolation at the place of residence. If while isolation first symptoms of a respiratory disease crop up (fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough), the university must be immediately informed to call for a doctor.

Migration registration at the place of residence

Department for Migration Affairs of Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs must be informed on the arrival of a foreign citizen in SEVEN CALENDAR DAYS after the arrival to the Russian Federation.

Where to apply

The university’s dormitories (Studgorodok, Studencheskaya st., 13 (Dormitory No. 1), passport officer Lyudmila Vasilevna Trukhanova).

Tel. +7(3467)377-000 (add.432)


Working schedule of passport officer:

Monday: 9.00 – 18.00. Break 13.00 – 14.00

Tuesday, Friday: 9.00 – 13.00

Wednesday, Thursday: 9.00 – 17.00. Break 13.00 – 14.00

Saturday, Sunday: days off

Documents for registration:

  1. Passport;

  2. Migration card;

  3. Residential lease agreement;

  4. Certificate of student status (University campus, building 4, room 131)/ copy of employment contract/ copy of independent contractor agreement.

For re-registration:

  1.    The detachable form of registration at the last place of residence (original)

Departure from the place of residence

In case of departure from the place of residence in the university’s dormitories (for example, to go home to another country, to the event (more than 7 working days), to another city of Russia and etc.) a foreign citizen must inform the passport officer (or another officer of the Department of Security and Safety) about the departure NOT LATER than on working day before the departure to execute the procedure of deregistration.

If an international student departed without informing about the departure, the student will face a fine for administrative offence upon the return. Also, such a student will not be able to re-register in the dormitories.

IMPORTANT! Migration registration is executed after every Russian border crossing.

Students must inform the passport officer or other Department of Security and Safety officer (Administrative building, room 125, +7(3467)377-000 (ext. number 166) about all the changes regarding the place of residence, contact information, migration status (getting a temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit or Russian citizenship).

In case of expulsion, academic leave or graduation student must leave Russia in 3 working days.

If any questions, contact us:

Migration registration of foreign citizens
Bulychev Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Department of Security and Safety
+7 (3467) 377-000 (ext. number 166)
Administrative building, room 125.
Registration and place of residence
Trukhanova Lyudmila Vasilevna
Passport officer
+7 (3467) 377-000 (ext. number 432)
Dormitories complex, dormitory No. 1
Issuance of voluntary medical insurance policy
Aleksandrov Sergey Valerevich
Department of occupational safety
+7 (3467) 377-000 (ext. number 436)
Information supply of international students and any questions
Gololobova Oksana Alekseevna
International Office
+7 (3467) 377-000 (ext. number 433)