Sergey Martynov

Position: Director
Academic status: D.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor
Tel: +7 3467 357 573

General information

The Polytechnic institute of our university was shaped on the basis of the Engineering faculty, and it comprises chairs, study and scientific labs. Different chairs of the Institute perform training of specialists in accordance with our region's needs in the following areas:
  • Transport ans transportation systems
  • Construction
  • Technosphere safety
  • Physico-chemical studies, materials science

The Institute employs 9 Drs.Sci., 25 PhDs, and lecturers with years of practical experience. Over the decade two Doctoralr and several PhD degrees were given by the Institute. The scientific schools in the areas of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, construction and electrical power engineering are shaped in the Polytechnical Institute.

Students' work in different labs (motor vehicles, construction, life safety, physico-chemistry of processes and materials, electrical power engineering, physics, electrinic engineering, geodesics) is included into the study process in accordance with the programmes. The students have an opportunity to take their work experience internship at the industry leaders of the region. The students of the institute are renowned with their active participation in scientific work, conferences and contests.


You are welcome to contact the Institute directly or via our International Cooperation Office if you have any questions. 

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