Transactions of UNESCO department EDCC, 2008

Transactions of UNESCO department of Yugorsky state university “Dynamics of environment and global climate change” / Glagolev M.V., Lapshina E.D. (eds.). Novosibirsk: NSU, 2008. Vol. 1.  227 p.


E.D. Lapshina History of creation and trends of activity of Yugra state university UNESCO Department "Environmental dynamics and global climate change"

Methodical and methodological works

E.V. Shein The educational process in soil science: the importance and relevance of the production practices 

M.V. Glagolev, N.V. Filippova Compilative-analitical construction of applied theory of knowledge (with examples from soil science and mycology)

M.V. Glagolev, M.V. Yanin Elements of scientometrics in the soil science and ecology (with examples from Moscow State University) 

Theoretical works

M.V. Bannikov Ecological and reclamation conditions for the recultivation of the oil-polluted peat soils of the central-taiga subzone of West Siberia

M.V. Glagolev, A.F. Sabrekov Reconstruction of probability density distribution by histogram method in soil science and ecology

A.F. Sabrekov, M.V. Glagolev To the mathematical modeling of microbial community of the methane cycle

Experimental works

A.V. Smagin, I.L. Pepelov, R.R. Kinzhaev, D.A. Khineeva., G.M. Khakimova  Hydrophysical evaluation of oil extractive waste in connection the problem of its recultivation


E.V. Milyaeva Environmental consequences of different methods of preparation of soil for construction work in the far north

I.V. Filippov, E.D. Lapshina Peatland unit types of lake-bog systems in the Middle Priob’ie (Western Siberia)

Stepanova V.А. Peat deposits of mountain mire (for example mire of north-east of the Altaj Republic)

Kotsyurbenko O.R., Da Silva A.P., Glagolev M.V. Methanogenic microbial community from the peat bog «Chistoe» (West Siberia): prelimirarly data and perspectives 

Filippova N.V. To the bog fungi investigation: some data about micro- and macromycetes

Kasatkina L.K.  Lichens biodiversity of oilfield Priobskoe as indicator of air pollution

Kosykh N.P., Mironycheva-Tokareva N.P., Parshina E.K. Element composition of plant material on bogs of the Middle Taiga in West Siberia

Bolotov S.E. The dynamics and ecological structure of floodplain plancton communities

Glagolev M.V. The emission of methane: ideology and methodology of «standard model» for Western Siberia

Kleptsova I.E., Kornyushenko E.G., Glagolev M.V. CH4 emission in the forest-tundra subzone: “standard model” Aa3

Kazantsev V.S., Glagolev M.V.  CH4 emission in the North Taiga subzone: “standard model” Aa3

Bleuten W., Filippov I. Hydrology of mire ecosystems in central West Siberia: The Mukhrino Field Station