Post-graduate studies
Almazova_post_graduate.jpgAlmazova Svetlana

Position: Head of the department of post-graduate studies
Academic status: Cand. Sc. (physics and mathematics), equals to PhD in physics and mathematics
Phone:  8 (3467) 357-692

Records manager: Rainbakieva Margarita

Areas of PhD preparation:
  • Differential equations, dynamic systems and OC;
  • Physical chemistry;
  • Process and production control automation;
  • Administration in social and economic systems;
  • Mathematical simulation, numerical computing and programme systems;
  • Construction materials and products;
  • Economics and management of the national economy;
  • The languages of the peoples of Russian Federation;
  • Comparativistics, typological and contrastive-comparative linguistics
  • Criminal law and criminology;
  • Theory and methodology of PE, sports training, sanative and adaptive PE;
  • Theory and methodology of professional education;
  • Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry;
  • Geoecology (in diffetent branches)