University_tower.jpg Yugra State University was established by the initiative of the Government of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous okrug in 2001, comprising the local branches of three different institutes and academies. At present, Yugra State University is one of the youngest state universities in Russia.

We consider the creation of the University as a merit on Alexander Filipenko’s part. Being the Governor of KhMAO, the long work was done under his rule. It resulted in the Prime Minister signing the decree of creation of Yugra State University in Khanty-Mansiysk in 2001. “We demonstrated the okrug (region) being a place for living, not just for a stay of workforce, - he said. – The population of the okrug will need educational services. Most effectively organized on-site professional training  will prevent talented youth from migrating”.

An important area of the university’s activity is training specialists for the needs of industrial sector in the region. In 2008 the following educational institutions of secondary vocational education were incorporated into the university as local branches (see the map): 

  • Oil Technical School, Surgut;
  • Industrial College, Nefteyugansk;
  • Oil Technical School, Lyantor;
  • Oil Technical School, Nizhnevartovsk;
  • Oil Technical School, Langepass;
  • Industrial College, Pyt-Yakh.