V F.K. Salmanov International Oil Academic Congress


Location – Russia, Nizhnevartovsk, MBI “Dvorets Iskusstv”

Time - 9.00 AM

Registration date - until February 10, 2023

Date - 22.03.2023-23.03.2023



Yugra State University holds V F.K. Salmanov International Oil Academic Congress!

The objective of the congress - presentation of the best practices in partnership of scientific and educational organizations and oil companies, models of transformation of the system of scientific and technical and human resource support of the fuel and energy complex.

The Congress traditionally includes issues on efficiency of hydrocarbon production and relevant environmental problems.

The plenary session and round tables are devoted to the issues of modern technologies of production, preparation and processing of hydrocarbon raw materials in the difficult conditions of field development, taking into account the increased demands for environmental safety. An important modern challenge for sustainable development of the Russian fuel and energy complex is the climate agenda and eco-branding of the oil-producing region.

Leading experts in the field of ecology, heads of leading Russian "oil universities" and researchers will be speakers at the Congress.

The Congress program will be held at the Dvorets Iskusstv in Nizhnevartovsk.

Contacts for participants:

Tatiana Barabanova, 



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