20-23 May 2014: 14th conference of the young specialists working in the companies developing the region's resources

XIV_conf_young_specialists.JPGThe conference is organised by the Department of subsurface management and V.I.Shpilman research and analytical centre for the rational use of subsoil under the government of our region, Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous okrug (region) - Yugra.

The conference is aimed at developing innovational and creative potential of the youth and raising creative activity of the young specialists in the sphere of geological, technology, economical, legal, informational and organisational issues of the development of oil and gas fields together with efficient and rational use of APG.

The young specialists of the industry will gather in Khanty-Mansiysk to present their projects to the jury. The winners will be awarded with certificates and gifts. All the participants, guests and the jury are invited into a cultural and entertainment programme.