Yugra State University is the active participant of a new global network for climate research.

This week research fellows of Physics Chair at University of Helsinki (Finland) Ivan Mammarella and Pavel Alekseychik have visited Yugra State University for the third time. They spent few days at «Mukhrino» international field station collecting and processing data by «eddy covariance» method. 
This method allows to acquire more reliable estimates for gas exchange (CO2 and water vapor) between the ecosystem and the atmosphere. In future this makes it possible to forecast climate change in a particular region. It is worth to say there are only few operating «eddy covariance» facilities in Russia. Next year «Mukhrino» field station supported by University of Helsinki plans to launch one more unique facility, an analyzer for atmospheric methane concentration. 
On April, 24th Pavel Alekseychik presented the new global network for climate change research PEEX (Pan-Eurasian Experiment) to the university leadership. The network currently comprises 80 universities and 20 field stations from over 20 counties. YSU has become a member of this network in February 2015 in Helsinki. The Finnish capital hosted the 5th PEEX Meeting where Elena Lapshina, the head of the Scientific and study centre «Dynamics of the Environment and Global Climate Change», took active part. Elena D. Lapshina made a presentation of scientific researches being conducted on «Mukhrino» international field station. 

The main idea of the PEEX consists in collecting different measurements from the whole continent and creating an open database available for any researcher studying the climate change. Basing on the data acquired researchers are going to develop diverse action plans for both climate change and air quality impacts on life of society, energy resources and capital flow. It is also scheduled to organize different educational programs, summer schools and events aimed at popularization of the climatology. 
According to Elena Lapshina, participation in the PEEX is very promising for our university. This will facilitate to raise the prestige of scientific research at YSU, to find new partners abroad, to support the infrastructure of the field station and what is important to contribute to such a significant and necessary area as global climate change research.