The participants of the Xth Shanghai Cooperation Organization Forum met in Yugra State University to discuss education challenges.

Twelve officials representing India, Pakistan, Turkey, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Tadjikistan headed by Aleksander Lukin, the deputy chief delegate acting as the director of the Center for Eastern Asia and SCO Research at Moscow State University of International Affairs (MGIMO) came together at the round table meeting devoted to political and management case studying for the region’s economical development, culture and traditions preservation of minor northern peoples.

Tatiana Karminskaya, the rector of Yugra State University during the round table told about the university’s structure, its history and leading role in professional training for region needs.

- Our university is a backbone educational institution in Yugra since we started the «Staff for the region» project in 2013. Yugra State University is the educational platform for training domain specialists to be able to complete tasks set by employers and the Government of Khanty-Mansi autonomous okrug-Yugra. We are the only institution that performs project education by means of creating groups of research fellows and students with different majors so as to develop an assigned technology or a particular project being necessary for the regional economy growth. – she said.

University researchers told about their achievements in IT, economic process modelling, social and economic forecast systems for region development programs. They also mentioned their research results employed by special services to detect drugs in different compounds.

The delegation showed genuine interest in robot technology, unmanned aircraft environment monitoring and research for the global climate change impact on West Siberian bogs.

The head of the Center for Advanced Regional Research (India), Ms. Nivedita das Kundu announced her intentions to sign a cooperation agreement on academic exchange in order to let students from India study robot technology in Yugra State University. As a reminder, in February 2015 the YSU team won the first prize in the VIIth All-Russian Robotics Festival «RoboFest» and is heading for the USA to participate in a worldwide contest.

Besides, issues concerning university’s international activity, studying foreign languages and cultures of minor northern peoples, youth unions and volunteering were discussed at the round table. The officials also proposed several ideas for establishing youth politics in cooperation with scientific and educational organizations within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Having seen the presentation of the Institute of Northern Peoples the advisor director of the National Institute for Strategic Research of Kyrgyz Republic, Nadyr Momunov wondered if Kyrgyz students could come to Khanty-Mansiysk to study Khanty and Mansi languages. So in this case cooperative projects between Yugra and Kyrgyzstan designed to preserve languages and culture of minor peoples of the North are likely to start this coming summer.