The Deputy Governor of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Ugra Dmitry Shapoval delivered a public lecture themed "Agglomeration is a territory development thrust".

Participants were given a fresh look on prospects for further development of Yugra. It emerged that the Arctic and Yugra are tighly coupled one with another. According to the lecturer, Ugra is the region where a West Siberian Agglomeration will have been established by 2030. The projects aims to form new growing points and zones of advanced economic growth providing concentration of economic and innovative activity, highly qualified human resources, balanced development of peripheral zones. Even now we are working on the first stage called "Research of region`s potential and issues", are identifiyng possibilities and threats to development of areas. Borders and promising cores of the agglomeration have been determined so far.

The West Siberian Agglomeration (1 million people population) will be established within the axis of four major cities of the region – Khanty-Mansiysk, Nefteyugansk, Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk. The core radius Surgut – Nizhnevartovsk is 300 km, with an area of 30-40,000 sq. km.

Globally, the West Siberian Agglomeration comprises a platform for interaction between world communities working to develop the Arctic potential, an innovation and exhibition center for technology research and development for the extraction and refining of hydrocarbons, a territory of cultural, natural and climatic features of Siberia and the North on the whole as well as the carrier of the "North" / "Siberia" brandname, the center of tourism, study and preservation of culture and life of Finno-Ugric peoples.

When forming the agglomeration the synergy is reached due to the development of growing points and distribution of functions between cities. Thus, the city of Surgut can evolve into an industrial and scientific center with the innovative diversified economy, extensive business opportunities, and high potential for economic and civic development for citizens. Khanty-Mansiysk may become the administrative center and the main intersecting point of transport and financial flows. It is a city comfortable for living and building business contacts, as well as a platform for the dissemination of management experience. Nefteyugansk is to be assigned a role of the advanced growth center, with its scientific and service base for the development of the oil and gas industry in the region and further development of the northern territories. And Nizhnevartovsk is seen as the territory of sustainable improvement of the quality of life of citizens based on dynamic development of economy, human and investment potentials.

– Each settlement has its functions and competencies. If not, then, unfortunately, we will have to admit that the cities will be withering away. In fact, this is the principle of competition between municipalities, with each one having to find an application point in its development strategy. Surely, these are the settlements where comfortable living conditions will be created, they have all the basic enterprises that undertake economic activity. The future is for those who will find themselves using the competence center based on human capital, - explained Dmitry Shapoval.

The students of the Chair of Housing Construction and Development Projects Management run by the "Northern Construction Technologies" company for four years presented their vision of the development of the West Siberian agglomeration. They delivered two reports. According to the research of young specialists, the establishment of the agglomeration may become a growth driver for the gross regional product in KMAO. To forecast this, students carried out a comprehensive analytics during the year. They studied the social and economic conditions of the region and simulated the Yugra lifestyle for the next 10 years, and also devised ways to double the region's GRP, based on the results of current and forecasted conditions.

In his closing speech, the Deputy Governor highly appreciated the performance of the chair. – I like that your chair and experts are thinking about macroeconomic and strategic features for the region. Certainly, by skills and qualification, you can reach a synergy in those models and ideas you offer to be implemented in the future.

English version by Azat Garipov