April 9, the international cypersport tournament WGL Season 2 Golden Series Finals 2017 was held in Katowice, Poland. The four best Russian teams were among the relentless contenders to win the champion title. One of the "Unique" team members happened to be the freshman of YUSU, Institute of Engineering Systems and IT, Yaroslav Domashchenko.

"The League's rookies immediately fell on crashing every rival into pieces as the season kicked off, not willing to shy away from any authority standing in their way. The Unique's major opponent is themselves. That is to say, lack of experience might be decisive like it often does" – said organizers commenting on Yaroslav's team.

– I am so pleased to find myself at WGL Season 2 Golden Series Finals this year. This is a tremendous experience. The ESL Arena in Katowice saw the top teams across the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) – Tornado Energy, Natus Vincere, Not So Serious and our team Unique – furiously fighting for victory, – stated Yaroslav. – There are 7 players in each team. The tournament holds two semi-finals with BO13 mode (the first team to sweep 7 wins) and one final game. Fans of World of Tanks cybersport battles were likely to find that night to be tense, watching Season 2 Finals broadcasted live.

Yaroslav is a wannabe programmer, he believes diligence, commitment and patience are the traits to help succeed in cybersport. He has 4 seasons WGL gaming experience.

As a reminder, the WGL Grand Finals will be held in Moscow late May. The Russian region will be represented by Tornado Energy, Natus Vincere G2A, Not So Serious and Brain Storm.

English version by Azat Garipov.
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