The Research and Technology Board of Yugra State University has approved best eight PhD students followed by a face-to-face selection round to participate in the Academic Postgraduate Degree Program.

On December 22, the university's Research and Technology Board held a face-to-face selection round which picked the following best eight PhD students to join the YUSU Academic Postgraduate Degree Program 2018:

• Aleksandra Kudrevatykh, Chemistry, with her research project "New optical sensors development based on anthraquinone derivatives to identify metal cations and anions in natural objects";
• Maria Permitina, Construction Engineering. Research project "Efficiency assessment of the ultradispersed quartz waste modified improver for mineral-bonding agent concrete";
• Irina Savchuk, Linguistics and Literature studies. Research project "Linguistic-cultural and structural-semantic features of Russian and English folklore legends";
• Dmitriy Sannikov, Economics. Research project "Food security assessment system improvement in the Northern region";
• Irina Sologubova, Chemistry. Research project "Polyfunctional materials based on complex oxides of transition metals";
• Marina Tolopilo, Linguistics and Literature studies. Research project "Psycholinguistic aspect of information transfer by means of cliched phrases based on international treaties in Russian and English languages";
• Anastasia Ustyuzhantseva, Economics. Research project "Economic security mechanisms improvement for fuel and power industry enterprises";
• Ekaterina Khaidukova, Economics. Research project "State regulation improvement of migration processes in the oil and gas producing region".

– From November, 10 to December, 22 YUSU was holding the candidate selection round among the university postgraduate students to join the program, – said Ilona Lebedeva, head of Postgraduate Studies Office. – This project is meant to support and involve PhD students in research activities, help them make an academic career, and adapt to a postgraduate research environment aimed at improvement of academic staff training program in Yugra State University.

The candidate selection round was held based on the following criteria:

• research experience in the candidate's thesis field (based on submitted portfolio);
• educational, professional and other prominent achievements (based on submitted portfolio);
• ambitions and feasibility assessment (based on in-house expert assessment);
• assessment of the research project relevance within the candidate's thesis research along with its originality and practical significance (based on in-house expert assessment);
• public speech and scholarly dispute skills (presentation at the academic seminar within the thesis research).

English version by Azat Garipov.
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