A student of the Institute of Humanities, Yugra State University is learning Spanish and German languages in an American university. Leyla Pyrieva, a linguist wannabe, is now located in another timezone having set her clock 11 hours back. She is staying with University of Wisconsin Green Bay (UWGB), Wisconsin, USA.

University of Wisconsin Green Bay is an American state higher education institution, where Leyla studies Spanish and German, U.S. Government System, Political science and Women in the Performing Arts. The student spends a good deal of time in the university library because "this is a unique, amazing and fascinating place with millions of books, fancy computers, and cozy, handy environment". 

According to Leyla, the library is absolutely packed, since students study hard here; they are enthused about digging up information and concerned with getting good marks to become professionals with a degree.

Training in UWGB for the Yugra State University student has no tuition fee, which is possible due to the Global UGRAD Program. The successful selection procedure for program participants depends on outstanding academic performance, leadership skills, and a good knowledge of written and spoken English.

– The Global UGRAD Program provides an opportunity for students from different countries to spend one semester in colleges and universities in the United States. To do this I collected papers, wrote an essay and submitted all of that right before the deadline. Three weeks later, I received a call from the American Embassy in Moscow congratulating me on proceeding to the second selection stage.Then I was invited to have a Skype interview having to communicate in English. A month later I traveled to Tyumen to take my TOEFL examination. I got an awesome grade, much better than I could have expected. In June, the placement came, and in November I departed to Moscow for my visa. And here I am in the US, – Leyla commented on her experience.

In the US the Russian student was quick to make new friends along with an opera singer and a teacher of Sarah Meredith Livingston University. In her free time Leyla plays bowling, goes in for mountaineering. She has already got her favourite spots in Green Bay – a quay and a nature reserve with wolves and deer.

English version by Azat Garipov.
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