Yugra State University is hosting regional qualifiers of the National Project and Research Contest, with the institutional faculty sitting on the project expert assessment board and seven Ugra-based school student teams matching wits with one another to proceed to the next stage of the academic competition. The expert group is headed by Alexander Popov, CEO at Autonomous Non-Profit Organization of Supplementary Education "Open Education".

"Daily Scrum meetings help the young inventors honing their projects to perfection," said Olga Arkhipova, contest expert and university faculty member. "The Scrum method focuses not so much on management process as on development process itself. Every project's iteration may be represented in the form of a chain: planning – documentation – implementation – analysis. Due to the requirements determined for one iteration and considered as a project implementation phase along with a capability to change the iteration length, one can effectively manage the agility balance and task schedulability".

Today, the guys have presented engineer, constructor and designer reports to the grand jury. The contest participants have dropped many yesterday's cases out of further development, having nearly wrapped up the prioritized projects.

Thus, the experts saw two unlike vessels for picking, delivering and recycling global ocean waste, myotherapy-based stroke treating arm-simulator for motor recovery, black line sensor, augmented reality goggles featuring new app to extend angle of peripheral vision. The participants on equal ground with the experts held a discussion over a Smart City concept and a new app usability featuring microsensor health status analysis. They also accepted the hypothesis of the Moon colonization with rabbits and chickens, and went into the bioactivator blueprints, and more.

Tomorrow at 10 am, the young inventors are scheduled to tackle the final product acceptance and put their mechanisms and developments into service. As early as noon, we will get to know the prizewinners, who are to proceed to the Research and Technology Program "Big Challenges" to be hosted at the Sirius Education Center in July 2018 in the Olympic host-city of Sochi.

English version by Azat Garipov.

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