The University is hosting a Strategic Session on Project, Program, and Portfolio Management System Adjustment.

The speaker of the meeting is Veniamin Kizeev, Executive Board Member of SOVNET Project Management Association, project and innovations management expert at WIN Business Solutions, with the Yugra State University leadership and senior officers at the desk. The expert and the institution academia are discussing global trends of modern management, considering project management as a tool to achieve strategic goals.

Within the two-day session, the team is going to devise solutions to implement the University Development Strategy, work out a management system implementation algorithm, regarding YUSU strategy features, project culture and in-house resources.

"Through the prism of project management, we will select options for implementing the University Development Strategy," Kizeev commented on the session tasks, quoting Peter Drucker, known as one of the major management theorists of the 20th century as saying. "Professional managers of years to come will face the need to adjust to the ever-changing environment when it will no longer be perceived as an exception and become the rule of life".

English version by Azat Garipov.

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