One of the major law forums, and a calling card for hosts Russia and the Sverdlovsk Region in the global legal community  the Euro-Asian Law Congress  was held 13-14 September in Yekaterinburg. Titled "Law and Justice: Global Challenges", the XII Session of the Congress has attracted some 800 participants representing 30 states.

Stanislav Rozenko, Director of the YUSU Law Institute, along with professors of the university-based Department of Criminal Law Valeriy Lapshin and Aleksey Sumachev, and Vladimir Bryukhov, head of Legal Clinic Laboratory, and university senior students Ekaterina Denisova and Diana Popova took an active hand in the congress.

The program comprised the following events: Round Table "Alternative Resolution of Legal Conflicts", Scientific and Practical Seminar "Methodology of Legal Studies Amid Scientific and Technological Development of the State", Joint Meeting of the District Councils of the Russian Lawyers Association Ural and Siberian Federal Districts, Informal Discussion Platform "Dissemination of Defamatory Information on the Internet: Is Futility of Judicial Protection Obvious To Everyone?", Conference "Journalistic Error: Criminal Law And Social Aspects of Professional Responsibility", Expert Group Meetings and Individual Program Activities.

To note, the Euro-Asian Law Congress was established by the Russian Lawyers Association in 2007 as a special discussion platform where representatives of the state, business, and the public can keep topical issues updated in the presence of legal experts. Solution of these problems should contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of the Euro-Asian cooperation.

English version by Azat Garipov.

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