On September 19, Yugra State University became the first higher educational institution in Ugra to provide a remote access point to the resources of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library. 

The Library makes it possible for students to study the most ancient historical documents, read exclusive literature, listen to unique audio recordings and watch video footages. This is the reason why the source will be employed in the curriculum at YUSU. 

"The Presidential Library project is a major comprehensive work, which provides a gateway to a great information repository of true history, emerging right from archival records," said Nadezhda Kaznacheeva, Director of the Department of Culture of Ugra, welcoming guests during the event.

Resources of the electronic collection comprise over 500 thousand digital files, copies of ancient manuscripts, maps, photo albums, newspapers and monographs, being of historical, cultural and scientific value. The Library offers periodicals issued by the Russian Academy of Sciences, university and institute collections, as well as studies and notes by scientific societies and commissions, including formerly classified little-known archival records.

"YUSU students are now able to use these large arrays of original sources. Documents previously unavailable for viewing can now be of practical use in term papers or research projects," Irina Kuznetsova, Director of the University Scientific Library concluded.

The very first user to have signed in with the Presidential Library Access Center became Aleksandr Alekseev, a 4-year student, majoring in Law.

"For me, the opening of the library is worthwhile due to the fact that I can get familiar with recent scientific discoveries, study rare documents, ancient decrees and laws at any time. I am going to look into legal documents. It will be helpful for my studies," Aleksandr shared his impressions on the library services.

It takes few minutes to sign in. To do so, one should have an ID, ask a librarian for their credentials and just get started.

The Access Center is open: Monday through Friday – 9 am to 6 pm, Saturday – 9 am to 4 pm, closed: Sunday.

English version by Azat Garipov.

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