In Moscow, Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak and Minister of Science and Higher Education Mikhail Kotyukov had an informal meeting with the youth within the II International Power Efficiency and Development Forum "Russian Energy Week", with Yugra State University student delegates to have participated in the event.

At the plenary session, Russian President Vladimir Putin took the floor, speaking of Russia as a major producer and exporter in the oil and gas industry, ranked among top electric power and coal mining producers. "It is most essential for us to have a feeling for global energy trends so as to effectively take our competitive advantages and along with other states create shared energy environment and future."

Attending the forum, Yugra State University students Alexander Paramzin and Yulia Evstegneeva were lucky to meet the two Russian federal ministers.

"Key issues of the event centered around alternative energy sources, implementation of new technologies, digitalization, hard skills building and development of degree programs that would help bringing more young people into power industry," YUSU student Alexander Paramzin said. "Alexander Novak placed special emphasis on the challenges arising from the implementation of renewable energy sources. He focused on the relevance of a RES phenomenon, as well as on estimated benchmarks to achieve in 10-15 years ahead. For his part, Mikhail Kotyukov stressed the importance of scientific research and professional university training for this major."  

The forum exhibition saw a variety of booths presented by the leading power producers Rosatom, NOVATEK, Rosseti, RusGidro and more.

"The Moscow Government's Energy of Comfort showcase did certainly catch our eye. It was a capsule-shaped future energy generator equipped with projection screens. An information board displayed timelines of the leading companies and their current projects in progress designed to develop power engineering and power-efficient supply of the Russian capital city," Yulia Evstegneeva, a forum attendee and YUSU student, shared her impressions.

At the Global Energy section, the two were granted a book, telling of Global Energy Prize winners, as a reward for winning a power engineering R&D-featured quiz. By the other booth titled using a hashtag that translate as #TogetherBrighter, the participants examined the structure of an electric submersible pump, touching and feeling every detail with their own hands, and getting to know new advancements available to boost its power efficiency. And owing to the Rosatom's exhibition stand, they had an opportunity to feel like the creators of a floating power plant.

"We have arrived at an idea that doing research in renewable energy is of high importance today," Alexander Paramzin commented on the event. "Beyond that, we felt cheerful to learn that the scientific research our university-based Department of Power Engineering is conducting keeps on the right and up-to-date track."

English version by Azat Garipov.

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