The British diplomat meeting with the university leadership was held in a round-table format, involving scientists from Russia, the UK, and Azerbaijan.

The discussion took place on the opening day of the UK-
Russian field interdisciplinary course for early-career scientists ARCTIS2020, co-organized by YSU, focusing on Arctic research.

Ilya Filippov, senior research officer at the YSU-based UNESCO Department for Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change, told about the field-specific research areas in the university.

Yegor Dyukarev, leading research officer at the Institute of Oil and Gas YSU, introduced the guests to some projects associated with the Earth's carbon balance studies and research for the benefit of the oil and gas cluster.

Vitaly Khoroshavin, Director at the Institute of Earth Sciences Tyumen University (TU) was given the floor to present focus areas at the world-class West Siberian REC and joint research projects between YSU and TU. In particular, he addressed the environmental security issues of the Ob-Irtysh basin.

Representatives of the research school "Human and the North" invited international scientists to participate in the international winter school "Ethnic and Cultural Diversity of the Arctic" to be held in Khanty-Mansiysk in November, 2020.

The UK-Russian mentors of the field interdisciplinary course for early-career scientists ARCTIS2020 were Peter Convey, senior research officer, British Antarctic Survey; Prof. Martin Tranter, University of Brighton; Nauber Jurgen, Director for Research, Care for Ecosystems; Tatiana Yakovleva, Head, UK Science and Innovation Network in Russia and outlined their research activities. Glacier studies invoked great interest to the audience.

Concerning the ARCTIS2020 course program, the early-career scientists were set to conduct snow cover research at the YSU-based Mukhrino Field Station, working on their research projects to be presented on February, 21 at the university campus. In turn, the mentors would meet again the university rector Tatyana Karminskaya and the academia to summarize the results of the field course.

British Consul General in Yekaterinburg Richard Dewell appreciated YSU for its warm welcome and noted that it is his second visit to the university which also relates to the international research cooperation of the two countries.