YuSU "Legal clinic" provides assistance to the citizens
On December 4, jointly with the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra and the regional branch of the All-Russian public organization "Association of Lawyers of Russia" organized a day of help to the citizens. All interested individuals addressed their questions and received expert advice. Most of the questions were asked about the writ of execution. The writ of execution is a type of executive document. It is issued on the basis of decisions, sentences and other judicial acts subject to execution. One writ of execution is usually issued for each decision. If the execution is carried out in different places, the court may issue several orders of execution. And also in order to provide free legal assistance to the population from December 1 to 10, the legal clinic, the political party "United Russia", the regional branch of the "Russian Lawyers' Association" jointly conducted legal consultations within a decade of receiving citizens on personal matters.