Andrey Mironov
Academic status:  PhD in Psychology
Phone:  +7 3467 377 000 (ext. 250)
Position:  Director

General information

The Institute of Humanities (Northern studies) was founded as a result of reorganization in Yugra State University in January, 2019.

Qualifications provided by the Institute

The Institute provides education in the following areas:

  • Journalism
  • Philology
  • Linguistics
  • Social work
  • Psychology and Pedagogics
  • Physical Education

The Institute is well-equipped, its 7 labs are unique not only for our region but for the whole country:
  • scientific and study centre for studying and preservation of the languages and culture of the indigenous peoples of Yugra;
  • the lab of cultural and natural heritage;
  • the lab of social, psychological and pedagogical research;
  • the lab of functional diagnostics and adaptation to physical exertion;
  • the lab of physical education.

The staff of the Institute includes the Honoured workers of higher professional education, corresponding members and academicians of the International academy of sciences in pedagogics, Russian academy of encyclopedic sciences, foreign members of the international Finno-Ugric society of hungars (Hungary), achievers of the higher education of USSR, members of the Russian geographical society.

The graduates of the Institute are welcome in state and municipal service, law-enforcement agencies, commercial structures (including the oil and gas complex, banks, insurance companies etc.), in media, cultural, educational and sport institutions.

The students and lecturers of the Institute have opportunities to take part in the programmes of academic exchange and training (in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Estonia, the USA), attend the lessons of foreign lecturers who work in international educational programmes (studying English, Spanish, Norwegian and Czech). 

The students involved in scientific work and research can receive grants continue their post-graduate education.

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