Management & Economy

Elena Burundukova

Position: Director

Academic status: PhD in Economics, Associate professor

Tel.: +7 (3467) 377-000 (ext.341)

General information

The Institute of Digital Economy (former Institute of Management and Economics) is a part of Yugra State University. There are over 700 full- time students, around 300 part-time (distant) students and 27 PhD students. The students have a very interesting extracurricilar life and are rewarded for their participation in scientific, social and sports events.

Qualifications provided by the Institute

The level of education complies with the state standards.The institute provides education for the following majors:
  • Economics;
  • Finance and credit;
  • Taxation;
  • Accounting and auditing;
  • Management;
  • State and minicipal administration;
  • Tourism;
  • Economics and management:
  • Socio-cultural service and tourism;
  • Economic security (judicial economic examination)
  • Hotel industry;

Master's degree:

  • Econimics;
  • Finances and credit (distant);
  • State and municipal administration (distant).

PhD degree "Economics and Management in the National Economy"

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