Curators' tips: places to be visited in Khanty-Mansiysk

There are many must-see places in Khanty-Mansiysk. YuSU curators informed us what are the top 12 places to go in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Anastasia Mukhmenova, a 2nd year student of the Higher School of Ecology and curator of the Higher School of Physical Education and Sports first year students, recommended several significant places of the city.

"This is, of course, 1. the Archeopark with its sculptures of mammoths and other animals. I believe that this is the most important attraction of Khanty-Mansiysk. I also advise you to walk along 2. the stairs, which are located in the natural park "Samarovsky Chugas". Very beautiful place, you can say even my favorite - a combination of nature and quiet atmosphere. And 3. the Church of the Resurrection of Christ. From here there is a very beautiful view of the city, and also the staircase with fountains is fascinating!"

Aleksandra Kuzmich, a 2nd year student of the Higher Oil School and curator of the Multidisciplinary College first year students, also shared her favorite city places.

"In my opinion, it would be cool to walk along 4. Karl Marx Street in the evening and also go to 5. Boris Losev Park. I would also advise you to go to a hockey game at 6. the Yugra Arena. Unforgettable impressions! Even if one is not particularly fond of hockey, he will still enjoy it, I'm sure".

Evgeny Usoltsev, a 2nd year student and curator of the Higher School of Psychology and Pedagogy first year students, advised the museums of Khanty-Mansiysk.

"The first place to visit is 7. the Museum of Nature and Man, because it briefly, clearly and beautifully tells the history of Yugra - from the first tribes to the present day. Here you can also look at the skeletons and stuffed animals that lived or live in the okrug. There is an exposition that tells about the culture and life of the indigenous peoples of the North - Khanty and Mansi. Next is 8. the Museum of Geology, Oil and Gas. It will be interesting to visit not only for geologists, oilmen, chemists, but the rest will be cool too, especially if they get on a quest-excursion or Night of Museums. Moreover, 9. the State Art Museum is suitable for kids who want to look at the world of art not through phone screens, but in person. If you ask a guide, he will tell you everything: the history, the meaning of the painting, how it was painted. However, for cultural development, I think you should feel it, try to understand how the author conveys mood and meaning through colors and details. If the children have an opportunity to go to the Core Repository, they should definitely go. Here they will see the whole 'depth'".

We would like to add three more locations:

10. Art Residence Youth Project Center - a new space for creative events, art exhibitions, business meetings and creative development. By the way, this is where the Curatorial Institute and this year's YuSU graduation took place.

11. "'Teplo. Anticafe Khanty-Mansiysk" - is a free space for recreation and development in the very center of the city.

And of course, don't forget to take a walk along 12. the Irtysh river embankment!


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