Science Days in YUSU!

These days we celebrate the Day of Russian Science! This holiday is dedicated to the achievements and successes of Russian scientists and is intended to celebrate the important role of science in the development of society and economy of the country.

Russian science has a rich heritage! The holiday was approved in 1999 and is timed to the date of the founding of the Russian Academy of Sciences, established on the command of Emperor Peter the Great by the Senate Decree of 28 January (8 February, New Style) 1724. Today we are proud of researchers whose discoveries and inventions have changed the world, scientists who work to solve urgent problems and develop new technologies.

Yugra State University is a platform that brings together talented people who conduct scientific research in various fields, contributing to the socio-economic development of the region and the country. We pay special attention to youth science. Newcomers strive to solve important problems for society, conduct research under a range of grants, government programmes and show great promise, demonstrate decent level of preparation at conferences, Olympiads and case championships. Despite all the challenges and limitations that our country has had to face, we are successfully continuing to expand scientific frontiers. Knowledge and scientific interest are invaluable resources! I appreciate the inspiration and dedication of the university team! There are many more scientific victories ahead of us!

We would like to remind you that on February, 7-9 the University is hosting Science Days and you have the opportunity to visit one or more venues according to your interests. The detailed programme is here: https://www.ugrasu.ru/events/science-days/


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