Talented schoolchildren from seven foreign countries visited YuSU

Young compatriots living abroad - in Abkhazia, Argentina, Belarus, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Turkey and South Ossetia visited Yesterday Yugra State University.

Talented schoolchildren came to Khanty-Mansiysk within the cultural and educational project "Hello, Russia!" organized by the head of Rossotrudnichestvo Evgeny Primakov. One of the points to be visited as part of the program was Yugra State University.

"In 2022 we signed a cooperation agreement with the Russian House (Rossotrudnichestvo), which implies further active involvement of YuSU in events held in Russia and abroad to establish contacts with compatriots living in foreign countries. The visit of young compatriots to YuSU under the "Hello, Russia!" program has been organized for the second time. This is a great opportunity to introduce young people to the educational and scientific potential of the university," noted Oksana Gololobova, Director of YuSU International Office.

Staff members of YuSU organized several platforms. Therefore, the members of SMART LEAN GROUP student club immersed kids into the working process and gave them specialized clothes. During the master class on the application of lean production tools in everyday life they introduced such tools as SOP, "5 Why" and told how to plan your day rationally, multiplying the improvements.

Alexander Paramzin, professor at the Polytechnic School of Yugra State University, introduced the students to electric power and electrical engineering.

"Now you're just at an age when you don't have to be afraid to try something new, to make mistakes, and to seek yourself out. As for electricity, it appeared not so long ago, people are trying to tame it somehow, to understand it, but it is not yet fully researched. This is the relevance of this direction and arouses genuine interest among many people studying at our university," said Alexander.

"If soil is rich, so is a plant. To fully understand the life of a plant, we need to study the soil, because they are in a bond. This bond is what we are studying here. Students conduct various experiments. One of the main parameters of soil is its acidity - PH. It affects the quality of the growing conditions. Let's say the soil looks fertile, but nothing grows in it, the first thing you should pay attention to in this case is acidity. For this purpose, we have special devices - standard tests, indicators. All this is applicable not only for crops, but also for indoor plants, because where we are there should be the most comfortable environment with humidified clean air, and plants help us in this", - said Mikhail Kuliabin, agronomist of the Higher School of Ecology at YuSU.

The students were also shown a race car, which the students built with their own hands. Vladimir Nazarov, associate professor of the Polytechnic School of the Yugra State University, told about the structure of the racing car, the history of its creation and the mechanism of its operation. In addition, everyone could sit in it and take a memorable photo.

Zuhra Bratchuk, who accompanied a delegation of children from Belarus, shared her impressions of YSU: "What can I say? I myself once studied at university in my native city, also was at other educational institutions, that is to say I have with what to compare. YuSU pleasantly surprised me. It is a cool, powerful university. I was envious of your students. Such a great base, I can imagine what results the students achieve with their help. And I really liked the slogan "YuSU - The birthplace of knowledge". I will memorize it and use it.

"Very interesting program, it's just a pity that we don't have much time to get a better look at everything. Many interesting platforms, the organization at the university is at the highest level. I will definitely tell my family and friends about such a beautiful university when I come to my city. I even have a desire to come here to study", - said Yulia Akhmetzhanova, a compatriot from Uzbekistan.

Elena Markova accompanying a delegation of children from Turkey noted that the children learned a lot of new and interesting during the tour: "It is very interesting what students live here. I saw the children's shining eyes, their impressions of the university. I know that some of them were even interested in the university for their further studies".


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