The Adaptation Week at YuSU!

During the Adaptation Week held in the first days of September students learned about scholarships, academic mobility, creative studios and scientific associations, got acquainted with Khanty-Mansiysk and much more. So many interesting and useful things were once again organized by the Tutor's Office and its head Alexander Portnykh informed the students about its work as well.

"For several days Yugra State University was transformed into a platform for master classes, excursions, business games, lectures and sports activities, all because the university hosted Adaptation Week for freshmen. The program "AW-2023" was developed by the YuSU Tutor's Office in order that the freshmen, who are starting a new and responsible stage in their life, could quickly get into the student life, immerse themselves in a creative ecological environment, get acquainted with the traditions of the university, opportunities in educational and extracurricular activities. The participants were immersed in a wonderful world of research, creativity and sports. The doors of modern classrooms, research centers and laboratories opened in front of them, where in the future experienced professors and tutors will help them to reveal their talents. Now everyone has a big and eventful path to adulthood ahead of them, and I am sure that everything will definitely work out!" - Roman Kuchin, Rector of YuSU, emphasized.

The students were addressed by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Tatyana Kostyleva, who spoke about the potential of the university, as well as the key and priority areas of activity, mission and values of the university, and Valery Lapshin, the Vice-Rector for Research, addressed the freshmen. Valery Fyodorovich together with Anastasia Ustyuzhantseva, Associate Professor of the Higher School of Digital Economy, and Alexey Kokorin, Chairman of the YuSU SNO, introduced the freshmen to the programs of scientific development, scientific schools, student scientific associations and circles, design bureaus.

"I explained that the image of scientists is no longer gray-haired old men, but young and ambitious people! I told about the advantages of joining SNO, about the remarkable projects we are engaged in. He showed how Russia needs new cadres in the field of science and technology", - said Alexey Kokorin. We would like to add that the YuSU SNO is currently implementing the grant won from the Ministry of Education and Science.

Elena Podkorytova, Head of the Department of Planning and Organization of the Educational Process, introduced the freshmen to the class schedule and curriculum. Irina Pestryakova, Head of the Contingent Movement Department, told about scholarship programs, personal scholarships and scholarship funds. Director of the Distance Education Center Marina Voitenko told the students about e-university, personal account, how to navigate in the information and educational environment, where to look for teachers' materials, as well as the features of electronic testing. Students also learned about the work, infrastructure and fund of the YuSU Scientific Library. Tatyana Grosheva, Director of the Educational Engineering Center, told about building an individual educational trajectory, electives and optional courses.

"In the second semester, we will try to master the discipline not in the classroom, but in the format of a mass online course from one of the leading universities. If you like this format, then you will be able to replace the disciplines you have in your curricula with such mass online courses. There are more than 1,200 of them on the Open University platform today," said Tatyana Alexandrovna.

Freshmen were given a tour of the Military Training Center, sports complex, and each High School prepared activities for the students - interactive games, game practices, musical karaoke quiz, and more. The students were presented with the Yugra University Competence Assessment Center, "Movement of the First" RDDM, Lin-laboratory and Smart Lean Group, "Art-project" volunteer association, "Youth of Yugra State University" media society, "Yugra Word Wizards" translation corps, Career and Employment Center. Students also learned about the YuSU Students' Council.

"We told first-year students in an interactive format about the council, its structure and features, about the student associations that make up our membership. The students learned about our main vectors of activity, why and why we need the Council of Students and what issues fall within the area of our competence, how to apply to the Council for help, and, of course, how to become a member of our team," said Matvey Varnakov, Chairman of the YuSU Students' Council.

From Ekaterina Rodenko, Chairperson of SSC "Sever", the freshmen learned about sports sections, university teams, sports festivals. Participants of the student media "Inside the Student" Elizaveta Medvedeva and Rinata Sitnikova held a master class for first-year students, where students were able to create content themselves.

"The freshmen's artworks are very creative. We didn't even expect that the guys would have such diverse ideas. The video format appealed to everyone, so almost every team made either a clip or a video on the theme of students. Now about 20 people have already joined us," said Elizaveta Medvedeva.

Popular science lectures were held for students. Thus, Associate Professor of the Higher School of Humanities Ksenia Russu gave an open lecture "Speaking Russian: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow". Associate Professor of the Higher School of Humanities Natalia Kharina told about how to study history so that it would be interesting, and Associate Professor of the Center for Educational Engineering Olesya Aladko shared the secrets of studying without losses with first-year students. In particular, Olesya told why periods of inactivity are important, skills of conflict-free behavior and the ability to say "no" and what is scary about idle chatter, and also debunked the ingrained myth: "Our brain is single-tasking. We can only do one thing per unit of time".

The automation laboratory, ecosystems geoinformatics laboratory, as well as creative studios of the university - modern choreography studio «Light it», vocal studio "Vinill" held master classes.

"During the master class, we worked on diction and breathing, played musical Alias" - said the head of the judgment "Vinill" Alyona Kuimova.

"The students learned about the history of the studio and our awards, what styles we dance, our plans for the year, what we are preparing for now. The guys demonstrated our warm-up, combinations, some numbers, in general, how we have classes. Freshmen tried themselves in dancing", - said the head of the studio "LIGHT IT" Ekaterina Tundykova.

In general, Olga Zalozhuk, Director of the Center for Image Projects and Events, spoke about cultural and mass activities, in particular, about the debut of freshman and Student Spring. Anastasia Mashinist, Head of the Center for Support of Student Communities and Initiatives, told about the Center for Support of Student Communities and Initiatives. Darya Ptitsyna, Head of the Student Projects Office, told the students about the implementation of the Fundamentals of Project Activities course and accelerator programs.

The students learned about the Center for the Peoples of the North, as well as about student mobility programs, which were described by the Director of the International Office Oksana Gololobova: "To find partner universities where you can study, you need to go to the YuSU website and click on the International tab. All information about the international activities of the university is collected here and there is a list of partner universities. You can come to us personally and say: "I want to go to study abroad, find me a program". We will definitely help you with this. Grant and scholarship programs offered by the Ministry of Education and Science are also common. We post information about scholarship programs in our Vkontakte group.

Within the framework of the Adaptation Week there was also a presentation and solemn launch of the program of the federal project "Service for Society as Training". The day before, Yakov Samokhvalov, Director of the Department of Youth Policy, Civil Initiatives and External Relations of Yugra, told the freshmen of Yugra about the grants of the Governor of Yugra, Rosmolodezh, forums and other activities in which students can take part. In particular, they talked about the World Youth Festival, which will be held in March 2024. Yugra is among 32 subjects of the country where the regional program will be held: "10 thousand foreign participants are young people from different corners of our planet. We will need volunteers. You can become direct participants of this main youth event, the final of which will be held in Moscow".

Khanty-Mansiysk institutions also joined the adaptation week. The Open Air Museum "Torum Maa", the Museum of Nature and Human, the State Library, the Mustang Equestrian Club, " Teplo. Anticafe", Kultshtab. The students were also given an excursion to the sports facilities of YugraMegaSport and a sightseeing walking tour "Khanty-Mansiysk: Yesterday - Today" by the guide of the first category Vladimir Misyura.

Freshmen shared their impressions of the Adaptation Week at YuSU.

"I really liked the sports complex, especially the gym and the swimming pool. And in the aerobics room, we had a little rhythm test, after which I and two other students received tokens that we can exchange for points. We will need them if we miss a couple of classes," said Ekaterina Zaitseva, a first-year student of the Higher School of Humanities.

"This week has been very fulfilling. I learned all the necessary information about the university. I especially liked painting with oil, it was an unusual experience from the Higher Oil School. It was also interesting at all the master classes and quizzes. The studio "LIGHT IT" interested me most of all," said Victoria Ivanova, a student of the Higher School of Digital Economy.

"It is very cool that the university provides freshmen students with an opportunity to literally adapt to their studies. The adaptation week in YuSU allowed me to learn about the life of the university, about the system of education in it, as well as about various extracurricular activities, in which each student can find something to his or her taste. For example, as a journalism student I was interested in the association "Inside Student", as there is an opportunity to start trying out journalism and gaining experience from the first months of study at the university", - said Galina Zlokazova, a student of the Higher School of Humanities.

"I liked the "Judicial duel" game practice from the Higher School of Law the most. It was interesting to defend my personal opinion, during the duel we got more and more into the essence of the set tasks and in the end it was the most pleasant to win the court," said Artur Menyazov, a student of the Higher School of Digital Economy of YuSU.





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