The Poetry Battle took place at YuSU

On 21 March, World Poetry Day, the staff of YuSU Scientific Library held a Poetry Battle "Ringing Drops of Poems" for students.

Eight participants took part in the battle: Ruslan Shevchenko, Natalia Semyannikova, Elena Medvedeva, Denis Leonov, Polina Ankusheva, Kristina Gridasova, Sezim Omoyeva and Vera Guseva. Each of them recited the most favourite poems of famous authors, tried to win the hearts of the audience with their words and convey all the deep meaning of the works.

The host of the battle, Marina Karpova, noted that poetry is not only beautiful poems, but also an important part of each person's culture and identity. She emphasised that poetry unites us and helps us to understand each other better: "Poetry is one of the most valuable forms of cultural and linguistic expression. UNESCO notes that poetry has been an integral part of society throughout history. And it can be found in every culture, on every continent. Poetry is an expression of our common humanity and shared values, turning the simplest words into a powerful catalyst for dialogue. World Poetry Day is an occasion to remember, to revive oral traditions. I believe that poetry continues to unite us.

The jury consisted of:

Elena Chelak - Associate Professor of the Higher School of Humanities;

Anna Svalova - TV presenter, public speaking coach, founder of the Speech Studio;

Konstantin Surovikin - musician, graduate of YuSU.

Ruslan Shevchenko, a third-year student of Economic Safety, recited the poem "Spring Thunderstorm" by Fyodor Tyutchev: "Unfortunately, I could not demonstrate the recitation of all three poems, but I chose them based on my great love for the authors. I chose the poem "Spring Thunderstorm" by F. Tyutchev, as I believe that this work perfectly describes the spring mood. In general I can say that it was very pleasant to be in such an interesting environment and to see what and how others read".

Denis Leonov, a fourth year student of "Linguistics" despite the fact that he has experience of public speaking participated in the Poetry Battle for the first time: "I really like the work of F. Tyutchev and his ability to masterfully paint landscapes of nature in the minds of readers, that's why I chose his poem "Spring Thunderstorm". I chose B. Pasternak's poem "A Terrible Tale" because of its brevity. Only a true poet can put the state of mind of the whole nation, tormented by war, into 16 lines. I chose the poem "Roerich" by A. Tarkhanov, our poet from Yugra, for its exceptional narration of how Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich painted his famous picture called "Ganges" (Cold Ravine). I was satisfied with the event, I liked the quality of organisation of this battle, very inspiring jury and organisers. I would like to see more such events in our town!".

Sezim Omoyeva, a first-year social work student, rarely speaks publicly, but when she heard about the Poetry Battle, she decided to challenge herself: "I chose I. Nikitin's poem 'Morning'. It conveyed that very unusual atmosphere of early morning, when the sun is just rising. The second poem was V. Vysotsky's "He did not return from battle". I was very touched by this poem and the feelings that the author put into it. For the third round I chose Smetanin's poem "Hantyka". It is lively and vivacious and fits me perfectly. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to read this work. It was exciting to perform, as it was my first performance, but the longer I was on the "stage", the more confident I felt. I was a little nervous, I was afraid of making a mistake, but everything went perfectly. It was a great experience and a pleasant memory in my piggy bank.

Elena Medvedeva, a second-year student of "Management" direction, has been performing at recitation contests since her school days: "When I was still studying at school, I went to poetry contests, always performed at different events, then student life began and 3 years later I decided to remember again what it is like to stand in front of people and try with my voice, facial expressions, hand movements to convey to people all the feelings that the author put in this poem. Before the beginning of the performance, there was excitement, but I got a great pleasure that again read poems and listened to how others do it. I admire the guys who performed today and I am very glad that I took part in the poetry battle, I will be glad to take part in such an event again".

According to the results of the Poetry Battle, Denis Leonov became the winner.


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