The first student picnic "YuSU family"

They rode a horse, stood on nails, braided, played "Mafia", watched KVN and much more. More than 20 sites welcomed students and residents of Khanty-Mansiysk at the first student picnic "YuSU family".

The participants of the picnic could also enjoy colorful dance and musical performances of creative students. The picnic, the first of its kind, helped to unite students and energize them before the upcoming session and defense of thesises, because for someone this event will be the final bright memory of student life.

The picnic was being prepared for a month. The organizers contacted partners who, in addition to students, worked at the sites, held master classes, sold food and drinks so that the participants could also refresh themselves during the picnic.

“It was a great event where everyone could find something to their liking. There was a lot of entertainment at this picnic, from students performing in KVN to different areas where you could get a bracelet or tattoo,” 1st year student Polina Klein shared her impressions.



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