YuSU hosted a ceremonial lineup for first-year students of higher education

Today, on September 1, Yugra State University hosted a ceremonial lineup dedicated to the Day of Knowledge and the beginning of the new academic year.

In clear autumn weather, hundreds of newly enrolled students of higher education gathered to enter the student life.

The celebration began with the singing of the national anthem of the Russian Federation.

Afterwards, Valery Falkov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, addressed the freshmen. In his video message, he congratulated students and teachers on the start of the new academic year. He noted that today Russia is doing everything possible to ensure that students get qualitative higher education and study in comfortable conditions.

The Minister also expressed special gratitude to teachers and mentors, noting that they help students to discover talents and enter the world of big serious science: "One of the most important missions - education of the future generation - lies on your shoulders. It is your concern and participation that set key moral guidelines for youth".

Elena Shumakova, Deputy Governor of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra, in her turn emphasized that the children are entering the learning process in the anniversary landmark year for Russia and the region: "Exactly 75 years ago large-scale geological exploration of Western Siberia began. Exactly 70 years ago, the first gas field was discovered in Yugra in the Berezovsky district. These events changed our destiny. More recently, our President Vladimir Putin made a decision that Yugra will become the pillar of scientific and technologically innovative development of the Arctic. This opens up a completely new landscape of opportunities for each of you".

Roman Kuchin, Rector of the University, also made a welcoming speech.

He congratulated students and noted that the beginning of the academic year is an important and significant moment in every student's life. He expressed hope that the newcomers will prove themselves, as talented and successful students, and YuSU will become a second home for them, where they will reveal their potential and get a decent education: "You are entering one of the most interesting stages - studentship! Years of discovery and hard work await you, the results of which will determine your future, and certainly each of you will contribute to the development of our region and country. I wish you to join the student life as soon as possible, to find something to your liking. Do not get lost, give your best and realize your ideas into projects!"

Director of the "Spiritual-Educational Center", priest Vyacheslav Fomin told the audience the history of the first educational institutions: "I believe it is important to preserve the memory that the Orthodox Church has always stood on the position of enlightening education and has always strived for knowledge to spread and develop, and for the people to be enlightened."

Ilya Gurov, a 2023 graduate of YuSU in the field of Law, executive secretary of the Youth Parliament at the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra of the seventh convocation, addressed the first-year students with words of encouragement: "Today is a wonderful day in many ways. First, you dear freshmen are opening a new chapter in your life. You are in a good place, where students are loved; alumni are remembered, where there are glorious traditions and aspiration to go only forward. I would like to ask senior students not to stop on the achieved successes, but to continue to improve and develop. And dear faculty and staff of YuSU, thank you very much to each of you for everything you do. It's invaluable!"

It should be noted that there was a special atmosphere of celebration during the ceremony. Music and dances created a joyful spirit, and smiles on the faces of all present expressed their expectation of new educational and life challenges.


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