YuSU student became a prize-winner of the International Online Olympiad of English

Artyom Fokeichev, a 1st year student of the School of Engineering Digital Technologies, took 3rd place at the IV International Gumilev Online Olympiad. It was held by L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University (Republic of Kazakhstan) among students of 1-2 years of non-language specialties.

The Olympiad included two rounds: the first - listening and reading, the second - oral presentation. This year the participants of the Olympiad had to prepare a presentation on the topic “The impact of technological development on the environment: challenges and innovative solutions”. Marina Reshetnyak, a senior lecturer at the YuSU Higher School of Humanities, helped the student to prepare for the Olympiad.

“I spoke about the negative impact of industrial production, transportation, various electronics in my message. I also covered the topic of renewable energy sources, efficient, breakthrough technologies. And I also told about innovative solutions, such as green technologies, clean production, smart cities and waste management. I am very glad that my English professor Mariana Vladimirovan invited me to participate, as I got quite an interesting experience", - shared the impressions of Artyom Fokeichev, the prize-winner of the Olympiad.

The student also said that he was lucky to have a good English teacher in secondary school. In high school Artyom additionally studied English. “Now to maintain a good level I am helped by double-lessons at the university, as well as foreign content, books, educational materials available only in English,” - said the YuSU student.


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