YuSU students took part in the international forum "Youth of Russia and China: Vector to the Future"

Alexey Kokorin, a student of the Higher School of Law and the chairman of YuSU SSC, and Kamilla Baimova, a student of the Higher Engineering School and a member of YuSU SSC, took part in the international forum "Youth of Russia and China: Vector to the Future". It was held in Khabarovsk as part of the program of the XIII Forum of Rectors of Higher Education Institutions of the Far East and Siberia of the Russian Federation and North-Eastern Regions of the People's Republic of China.

The event united student youth from different parts of Russia (from Vladivostok, Khabarovsk to Moscow, Kazan, Tambov, etc.) and China (Harbin, Shanghai, Beijing), who worked on projects in four tracks - "Student Science", "Tourism", "Volunteerism" and "Student Media". The forum participants created projects to develop international cooperation between two countries, as well as to form an interethnic community of young and initiative people.

Therefore, YuSU students together with their colleagues from Russian and Chinese universities proposed to create a Russian-Chinese student scientific society "Ginseng". The budding scientists liked this plant very much as a name because "ginseng grows both in China and Russia, and it has many healing properties.

"It was interesting to work on such a non-trivial, but very necessary in modern conditions idea. The experience of other students allowed us to combine the best practices of scientific activity and international communication. I hope that something significant and big will grow out of our proposal", - noted Alexey Kokorin, YuSU SSC Chairman.

"Together with Chinese colleagues we identified problems of scientific interaction between students, found the difference in the organization of SSC work in China and Russia," said Kamilla Baimova.

It should be noted that the Ginseng SSC is designed to promote joint development, solution of priority development tasks, exchange of experience, research methods, cultural integration, etc. We would like to add that the project was highly appreciated by the forum experts. The work was noted as the most elaborated project, and the idea was called useful and interesting. The project will be submitted to the Russian Ministry of Education and Science for consideration.

The students were vividly impressed by Khabarovsk, which surprised the forum participants with singing fountains, embankments, cliffs, parks, ancient streets, height differences and a miracle of Russian engineering - the bridge over the Amur River. The students also managed to visit the second educational festival "Arsenyev LIVE".

"The trip turned out to be unexpected for me, but it left a lot of impressions. Khabarovsk, Chinese colleagues, delicious food, many historical sites and the amazing intercultural atmosphere that reigns in the city itself!", - said Camilla.

The forum itself was also useful and inspiring for our students. As Alexey and Camilla noted, it was the first time they had the opportunity to communicate with students from China. "Thanks to the forum, I managed to penetrate the culture of the Celestial Empire. I hope that my new acquaintances did not get tired of such a stream of questions that fell on them. But now I know a little more about China, the mentality of its inhabitants and their attitude to Russia and other countries, and for this I give them a big "Xie-xie!", - said Alexey.


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