Yugra State University plans to become a member of the Indonesian Carbon Trade Association

On August 21, administrating staff of the structural subdivision of the research center "Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change" - UNESCO Chair of the regional project-consulting center "Carbon Data Center" held negotiations on joining the Indonesian Carbon Trade Association, the head of which is Dr. Riza Suagra.

The main goal of the cooperation is environmental protection in countries with large reserves of natural resources, such as Russia and Indonesia. During the dialog, the parties discussed possible options for cooperation both in the scientific sphere and in the field of carbon regulation. Particular attention was paid to the prospects for cooperation in the field of global climate change and the implementation of climate projects. Indonesian colleagues consider it necessary to create a global carbon market that would help motivate both private and public companies to preserve the climate.

Partners were also interested in the research activities of Yugra State University in the field of greenhouse gas monitoring carried out at the Mukhrino carbon field. They expressed their desire to visit the polygon and exchange best practices with the scientific staff of the research center.

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The Indonesian Carbon Trade Association (IDCTA) is a leading association that plays an important role in national and global carbon trade and supports the innovative carbon economy through research and development.

Riza Suarga, Doctor in Resource Management and Anthropology, Director of the Association, Founder and Chairman of Agrausresources, is the initiator of "Saving Our Tomorrow" aimed at making Indonesia a prominent savior of the Earth through carbon projects. He has authored numerous articles and books on forestry and how to fight illegal logging. His experience in managing large-scale forestry and carbon projects includes sustainable forest management, implementation of the Sumatra-Merang Peatland Restoration and Conservation Project (South Sumatra), among others. He was the first chairman of the Carbon Team established by the Association of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires, and then chaired the Standing Committee on Standardization and Certification of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Currently, he is a member of the Ministry's Expert Council of the Technical Committee for Green Technology Verification and the Special Committee for Public Facilities Maintenance Standards.


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