Yugra State University staff among the winners of the competition for Yugra Governor's grant

Ludmila Andreeva, Associate Professor of the Higher School of Humanities, won a grant to realize the project of the student festival of native languages and cultures "EthnoStudFest". The amount of the grant is 101,349 rubles.

The project "To mammoths and sources (Development of geological and ecological routes in Khanty-Mansiysk)" by senior lecturer of the Higher School of Petroleum Marina Kuzina received a grant in the amount of 222,989 rubles.

In the direction "Support of Civil Society Institutions, Volunteerism Development" with the project "Good Neighbor Festival "If close ones are far away" was won by Adelina Yovik, an employee of the Center for Image Projects and Events. The amount of the grant is 339,885 rubles.

Irina Kvach, Senior Lecturer of the Higher Oil School, won a grant in the direction "Support for Children and Youth Projects" with the project "Case-Championship "#I am_OILMAN". The amount of the grant is 463,218 rubles.

Yаroslav Lelyavin, Head of the Strategic Project Office, is also a participant of the project in the Culture and Art direction - "House show with Cinnamon", which won one of the largest grants - 1 million rubles.

In total 266 residents of the autonomous okrug and Makeyevka became the winners of the competition for the Yugra Governor's grant for individuals. More than 107 million rubles have been allocated for the implementation of socially significant projects - a record in terms of the amount of funding for the entire time of the contest.


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