Scientific and study centre “Dynamics of the Environment and Global Climate Change”


Elena Lapshina

Position: Head of the Scientific and Educational Centre

Academic status: D.Sc. in Biology, Professor


Tel: +7 (3467) 377-000 (ext.313)


The Scientific and Educational Centre "Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change"

Educational Centre "Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change" is a separate independent department within the Institute of Oil and Gas of our university. Here is the page of UNESCO Chair of Yugra State University in UNESCO's website.

The Center is a member of the INRERACT project. Here is the information about its field stations.
  • Mukhrino field station

- the page of the field station in INTERACT network

- the presentation about the station and the monitoring for the visit to Canada

Field station "Mukhrino" started working in 2009 with the assistance of the Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety Department of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra  and with the sponsorship of companies "Urayneftegaz" and "Salym Petroleum Development N.V.".

"Mukhrino" Field Experimental Station is located in the central part of Western Siberia, 30 km  south-west of Khanty-Mansiysk, on the left of the Irtysh River bank near the marsh "Fyodorovskoye". This marsh is situated in the Kondinsky lowlands where the swamps cover up about 70 % of the area.

Geographic location: in latitude 60.88 North, at longitude 68.70 East.

"Mukhrino" field station was created to study biodiversity, carbon balance, heat and water regime (the structure and the functioning) of the natural wetland landscapes. It serves for the scientific efforts, training and work practice of the students from different universities and countries; it provides the possibility of year-round observation and comprehensive, interdisciplinary researches on the subject of UNESCO Department.

You can get to the station first by the highway Khanty-Mansiysk –Nyagan (20 km), then take a boat (in spring and in the early summer), or  walk along the forest trail (10 km in the end of the summer and in autumn). In winter the station is accessible by the snowmobile. Mukhrino_location.jpg  

  • Shapsha experimental field station

The UNESCO department’s station in the village Shapsha is situated  24 km east of Khanty-Mansiysk and serves as a permanent station for research in various taiga and tundra areas of Western Siberia.

Geographic location: in latitude 61.05.22 North, at longitude 69.27.26 east.

Space photo of the laboratorial complex environs

The village is located on the Ob left-bank terrace. In the south the village is surrounded by the typical coniferous (pine) and mixed middle-taiga forests, which alternate with the raised moor and pine-sphagniopratum areas. There is a spacious Ob water meadow which stretches to the north (width about 30 km). It consists of endless meadows, numerous floodplain lakes, channels and narrow lines of shrubs. There are about 500 permanent residents, a secondary school, a club and different studios in the village.

The location of the laboratorial complex in the village Shapsha. The main types of landscapes:1 – flood-plain forests and shrubs, 2 -  high and medium flood-plain meadows, 3 –water meadows, 4 - dark coniferous and mixed forests, 5 –raised bogs.

You can get the field station from Khanty-Mansiysk by the regular bus from the bus station "Transagenstvo" (departure time - 9.20, 12.00, 14.20, and 18.00).

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