Foreign students

General information

Both foreigners and Russian citizens can study at Yugra State University at the expense of the Russian government or on a private basis.
Study Funded by the Russian Federation
There are three options for enrolment in state-funded places. Candidates can: Become a winner of one of the Academic Competitions held in Russia or abroad; Pass the Unified State Examination or entrance exams; Pass competitive selection for a government scholarship (quota).
Self-funded students
If you have your own funds for study, you can select an educational program and communicate with International Cooperation Office. We generally ask to send an initial application by email, and to support us with the proper documents.

Deadline (for 2021/2022 academic year): April 15, 2021.
See the details here.

Step 1. Choose a programme

Our admission boards evaluate applications for full and partial scholarships places and fee-paying places.

Before applying, we pay your attention that our university offers educational programmes only in Russian language.

! We don't have English-taught programmes!

Once you have decided which programmes you want to apply to, you can move on to STEP 2.

Step 2. Submit an application form

Step 3. Application evaluation. 

Further information about next steps will be provided by International Cooperation Office.

For any information, contact our International Cooperation Office,
or the office staff directly:

Oksana Gololobova, head