Bulletin of Yugra State University

Vestnik Yugorskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta

ISSN 1816-9228 (Print), ISSN 2078-9114 (Online)

Major fields:

Issue 1. Social sciences and Humanities (History, Linguistics, Pedagogics, Psychology, Theory and Methods of Learning, Law).

Issue 2. Physics and Mathematics, Engineering sciences.

Issue 3. Natural sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Geography).

Issue 4. Economic sciences (Theoretic and Methodological aspects of Economics, Economics, Business Administration, Investments, Finance and Accounting).

Contacts: Rudolf Fink, Executive editor to Editorial board, Head of Lifelong Learning Department.

E-mail: fink_ra@ugrasu.ru.

Phone: +7(3467)357695.