Bulletin of the YugraSU 2015

Technologies for obtaining chemically resis-tant coatings of titanium oxide nanoparticles

Author(s): Svetlana S. Pavlova / Margarita K. Kotvanova / Irina A. Sologubova / Nadezhda N. Blinova

Predicting the effectiveness of modified technologies for processing of natural and associated gas

Author(s): Alexander A. Novikov / Leila T. Nazarenko

Methodological support of forensic chemistry laboratories in the system of forensic institutions in Russia

Author(s): Sergey V. Nekhoroshev / Galina B. Slepchenko / Alexandrа V. Nekhorosheva / Olga L. Gurieva

Comparative studying of the photochromic properties of 2-acylaminoderivatives 1-aryloxyanthraquinones in solutions and polymeric layers

Author(s): Lyubov S. Klimenko / Dmitrii S. Korneev / Vasilii A. Litvinov

Kinetics of mechanochemical processing of secondary plant raw in humic acid

Author(s): Denis V. Dudkin / Anna S. Zmanovskaya

The total systematics of species of trees, shrubs and lianas plants, their forms and va-rieties growing in the South Ural region on an example of the Orenburg area

Author(s): Elena U. Gerasimova

About distribution and hierarchy biotic taxons in the territory of the West Siberian plain

Author(s): Alexander A. Konovalov / Sergey N. Gashev / Maria N. Kazantseva

On some classes of coefficient inverse problems for parabolic systems of equations with the ovedetermination date of evolutionary type

Author(s): Ekaterina M. Korotkova

Application of modelling by study of migration transformation in seismic works

Author(s): Olga A. Nanishvili

The geological structure of the left part of Big Polya river (Prepolar Urals) on the results of geological training surveying practice in 2015

Author(s): Konstantin Yu. Kudrin

Spatial distribution of small thermokarst lakes of Western Siberia on imagies KH-7 and GeoEye-1

Author(s): Oksana A. Baysalyamova / Alexander N. Bogdanov / Ildar N. Muratov / Yury M. Polishchuk / Maria S.Snigireva

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