Bulletin of the YugraSU 2013

To the question about the development of tourism and its role in the education of youth

Author(s): Olesya L. Vershkova

Training on ethnojournalism in Yugra State University

Author(s): Dina V. Gerasimova

Lingvokulturologic clothes name features in the Russian language (on the example of lexical-semantic group of “outdoor and basic clothing”)

Author(s): Elena V. Goryachkina

Ritual Poetry of Slavs and Altaians in the Aspect of Research Models in Crosscultural Linguistic Folklore

Author(s): Tatyana F. Izvekova

To the question about the etymology of toponyms Samarovo, Cingaiy

Author(s): Julia V. Islamova

Ethnic journalism: inside view

Author(s): Rafael L. Iskhakov

The approaches in a working of the topical problems of culturology

Author(s): Evgeniy P. Kargapolov

Development of the quality characteristics of physical culture and sports in the Urals Federal District

Author(s): Victoria A. Kudinova

The protototypes of the modern sports in the folklore of Ob Ugric (on the example of poetical translation of folklore texts of the second volume of «Vogul folk poetry» Bernat Muncacsi)

Author(s): Vadim B. Orlov

Problems of ethics in business communication

Author(s): Tatiana А. Petrova

Yuvan Shestalov time travel: from Soviet journalism – to the last book “Secrets of the Shamanic intravital revelation word “Rus”

Author(s): Mihail M. Ryabij

Urbanization and urban resettlement crisis in Khanty-Mansi autonomous district in the 1st half of 1990s

Author(s): Igor N. Stas

Theorist-practical approaches to shaping exploratory competence beside future teacher in process of preparation to education детей with limited possibility of health

Author(s): Galina A. Stepanova / Anastasia V. Demchuk

The question on territorial self-government studying in higher educational institutions: from stereotypes – to the deep scientific analysis

Author(s): Ekaterina V. Shulyak

Medical activity A. N. Radishcheva’s in Siberia

Author(s): Ekaterina V. Shulyak

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