Bulletin of the YugraSU 2013

Determination of major thermo physical parameters of the plasma spraying process

Author(s): Marina P. Boronenko / Igor P. Gulyaev / Alexey V. Dolmatov

Effective thermal conductivity of loosely packed powder in the SH-synthesis

Author(s): Marina P. Boronenko / Irina V. Milyukova / Alexander E. Seregin

Plasma processing of hollow powders in the chamber of variable pressure

Author(s): Igor P. Gulyaev

Deriving of the amorphous titan and coating on a steel basis in an epicyclic attritor with a high activation energy

Author(s): Pavel Yu. Gulyaev / Alexander E. Seregin

Methods of high-speed micropyrometry and processing of thermovision images for research of thermal structure of SHS

Author(s): Vladimir I. Jordan / Vasiliy V. Belozerskikh

Modeling of dynamics of particles in a viscous fluid taking into account the different mechanisms of interaction

Author(s): Sergei I. Martynov / Leonilla Y. Tkach

Influence of modifiers and oxide extraneous matters on water absorption of the modified lime

Author(s): Ludmila L. Nesterova / Larisa S. Shchelokova

Method of Research Physicomechanical and Tribological Characteristics of Surfaces of Firm Bodies and Coverings with Use

Author(s): Viktor N. Sedalishhev / Sergey P. Pronin / Evgeniy M. Kryuchkov / Maksim Yu. Larionov / Andrey V. Novichikhin

Modelling of dependence of electric capacity of the 3rd electrode capacitor converter from the arrangement of the particle of the final size in it

Author(s): Vyacheslav S. Afonin / Yuriy Yu. Malyutin

Throttle inductance identification in switching voltage convertor system based on microprocessor technology

Author(s): Engeny A. Godovnikov / Elena U. Kleparskaya

Evaluation of the sensitivity moisture meter loose materials with division components of the conductance measurement converter

Author(s): Anton V. Duda / Vyacheslav S. Afonin / Viktor N. Sedalischev / Sergey P. Pronin

Remote management controller tube furnace on platform Arduino

Author(s): Rinat R. Imamov / Arman M. Nurushev

Numerical simulation of electrical complex containing thyristor DC motor

Author(s): Gennadiy V. Malgin

Numerical analysis of the noise immunity of the transmitter based on chaotic oscillator

Author(s): Tatiana V. Patrusheva / Egor M. Patrushev / Viktor N. Sedalischev

The program complex for modeling of pulse energy conversion systems

Author(s): Dmitriy O. Tey / Artyom V. Gusakov / Nizam D. Keramov

Forecast of processes in a base of the theory similarity

Author(s): Peter K. Volkov

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