Bulletin of the YugraSU 2013

Analysis and forecasting of cyclic time series using the wavelet and neural network based fuzzy inference rules

Author(s): Valeriy I. Alekseev

Prediction of temperature changes using retrospect data about climatic changes for last 450 thousend years based on methods of wavelet-analysis and fuzzy neuron nets

Author(s): Valeriy I. Alekseev / Yuri M. Polishchuk

Model of educational planning based on professional industry standards

Author(s): Nikita E. Bestuzhev / Vladimir V. Burlutskiy

The influence of artificial humidification products on the growth and yield of winter wheat cultivated in the forest-steppe zone of the Altai Territory

Author(s): Denis V. Dudkin / Anna S. Zmanovskaya / Pavel A. Litvinsev

The influence of landscape and cross-zone factors for oil spill

Author(s): Alexander V. Zaharchenko / Aleksandr G. Kartashov / Elena V. Nuyanzina

The distinguishing features of the ground cover evertebrate’s complexes of the West Siberia’s taiga zones

Author(s): Irina E. Klemina

Deciphering wetland complexes satellite imagery Landsat 7.0. Nizhnevartovsk region of Khanty-Mansiysk – Yugra

Author(s): Evgeniya N. Kozelkova

The possibility of using basic rocks of the eastern slope of the Polar Urals to high-tech production

Author(s): Konstantin Yu. Kudrin / Natalia Yu. Gafarova / Vera S. Suhonosova / Galina S. Suhonosova

Geochemical types of zircons from productive deposits of Umyt’inskaya area (Sovetsky region, Khanty-Mansiysk area – Yugra)

Author(s): Konstantin Yu. Kudrin / Catherine V. Lobova / Vera V. Hiller / Raliya D. Khabibulina

Using a database of international format CUAHSI in an automated system for monitoring processes raised bogs of Western Siberia

Author(s): Maxim L. Khristoforov

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