Scientific Library
Irina Kuznetsova, head

Tel./fax: +7 3467 357 761

The Scientific Library of Yugra State University has been developing since 2001, the year when the university started work. Its basis was combined from the collections of the institutes included into the structure of the university. Nowadays the university has the library and information complex under the Scientific Library which is a methodology centre for the 6 libraries of the oil technical schools and industial colleges, the university's regional branches.
The library sees its mission in supporting the educational process and research activity resulting in preparation of specialists by providing the access to the world's knowledge through the organisation of the library stock and implementation of new TIs.

The library serves 10,000 users yearly from its 400,000 units in stock. It covers the requirenebts of the students and staff in study, methodology and scientific literature. Alongside with the papaer issues, elecrtonic resources are obtained: electronic library system "Lan", "Znanium", electronic libraties "Oil and gas", "Grebennikov PH", Viniti database, Britannica online electronic encyclopedia and other. Every year the subscription to the electronic library of the dissertations of Russian state library is provided.

The Scientific Library is an active participant in the university's life with its regular Chairs' days, Graduates' days, exhibitions, presentations of the lecturers' and scientists' works, online contests, and the Literature hall. The library organises projects in popularization of reading among the youth every year. It also issues "The calendar of the milestones and memory dates of the University" and the references of the professors in the series of "The scientists of Yugra State University".

The Scientific Library is a member of the International Association of Users and Developers of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies; a member of Russian Library Association; a member of Association of Regional Library Consortiums, and a member of Methodology Union of the Universitties' Libraries of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra.

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